Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

There are many variations of sliding miter saws in the market today. From design to specifications they vary from brands to almost everything. However, a key element in buying a specific miter saw is having adequate knowledge on what features the miter saw poses. Look out for features that can make your work easier and offer great versatility. After all, what is machinery meant for if not to reduce and ease work for mankind? Below are the key features you should look for when buying a sliding miter saw.

Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

  • The size of the saw blade is an important element in selecting an ideal sliding miter saw. Most common and available blade sizes are 8inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. While purchasing a sliding miter saw, keep in mind that the larger the blade the larger the cut. So, the size you select will depend on the type of woodworking task you want to accomplish.
  • Amps measure the power of miter saw motor. Sliding miter saws with higher amps will definitely have more cutting power while those with lower amps will have low cutting power.
  • Depth adjustors/stops allow you to adjust the height of the blade, thus controlling how deeply the blade cuts through into the work piece.
  • Another great feature is the Articulated Blade Guards which keep the guard clear of the work piece and provide a better view of the cutting line. When the saw is raised the guard lowers to cover the blade completely. This is a safety feature you need to consider seriously.
  • Positive stops are set points that allow you to make quick precise cuts on very specific angles. The more the positive stops the less the time required to set up cuts. There are some sliding miter saws that are designed with thumb stops for easy and quick manual adjustments. These are the types you need to consider.
  • Electric brake is another great feature to consider. It reverses the flow of power in the tool motor when the trigger is released. Power currents reversal stops the blade from losing the momentum on its own. Some power brakes can stop the blades in seconds. This will protect you from accidentally slicing through a piece in the wrong direction.
  • Shaft locks immobilise the shafts and blades, making it much easier to change the blades.
  • A dust bag helps you keep things tight and clean in the working area. It is directly connected to the mitre saw and collects the saw dust directly away from the work piece.
  • Dust blowers help move or blow sawdust away from the cutting area
  • Slide feature allows the blade to be moved a couple of inches across the cutting surface enabling the blade to make longer cuts larger than the diameter of the blade.
  • Digital Display provides easy to read bevel and mitre setting information for effective woodworking operation.
  • Laser guide provides a beam casting onto the work piece which properly guides you on where to make cuts.
  • Sliding fence provides accurate cuttings between the saw blades and longest working piece edge fixed at standard 90 degree position. This feature gives added support to taller stock.

These are the key features you will find in a good sliding miter saw. You may not find every of these features in all products but most good products will definitely have a majority of these features. You should be able to make a purchase that is not only outstanding in terms of design and brand but with the best features as possible. All these play a crucial role in determining the end result of a successful wood cutting process.

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