Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

Each industry has the best brands, best models and best designs of products. A completive market as they say is healthy and more advantageous to the customers. They get the benefit of choosing from a wide variety. When manufacturers are busy coming up with what they feel is best the customer is also busy making a contrast and choosing what they think is the best. In the workshop tool industry, there are many sliding miter saw products ranging from various brands, prices, sizes and specifications. It all comes down to you to select the most ideal product and what works best for you. Based on reviews and user experiences, the following sliding miter saws have come to be rated as the best in the industry. Read on to see their features and benefits.

Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

  • Bosch 5312 sliding compound miter

Bosch is no doubt one of the top rated miters saw manufactures and this carefully designed product is acclaimed as one of the best sliding miter saws in the market today. With features like the upfront bevel locker, a large base, miter detents override, a dependable power motor that makes use of cord- electric power source, speed tracks sliding fences, electric brake and carbide tipped blade not forgetting a one year limited guarantee, the borsch 5312 compound is actually a tool you will be proud to work with.

  • Dewalt DWS780 12-inch double bevel sliding miter

The product name best describes it. This model has outstanding features that enable you to makes cuts without having to worry about the power cord. It also has a feature that helps you collect saw dust and still manage to make clean clear cuts. Dewalt DWS780 is surely every carpenter’s dream miter saw because of its numerous features as well as its affordability. It is medium weight and not too light nor too heavy, very portable, easy to use and ultra bright LED light that casts a beam on the work area. The Dewalt DWS780 is a miter saw whose features are best described by concept relative to its benefits.

  • Hitachi C12RSH sliding miter

This saw is known for its user friendliness. It has inbuilt laser technology that helps you make precise cuts by letting you turn it on even when the blade is still not in motion. This helps in getting a better focus on a targeted angle to make a cut. It also comes with an advanced dust collection bag, skid proof handle that gives you control of the tool, powerful motor and a wide base. If you are looking for a saw that is easy to use, there aren’t many out there that equate with the Hitachi C12RSH in that aspect.

  • Makita LXSL01 sliding compound

Makita LXSL01 is one of the most powerful sliding miter saws available. With a long lasting lithium battery, a powerful motor, compact portable and convenient design, large base, electric brake, comfortable handle, and a dust bag, it’s a miter saw that has proven to be quite effective in constructions.

In conclusion, these four products have received enormous ratings on their performance in woodcutting and other sawing needs. It is however important to note that as much as a tool may receive much acclamation, it has one or two disadvantages which is normal as there is no such thing as the perfect thing. However, your ability to use your sliding miter saw and maintain it properly regardless of brand or model is what counts in how any of the aforementioned sliding miter saws will work for you.

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