Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

How do you take care of your car? Probably it is your greatest asset or love or companion. You obviously adore it and would want it to be around quite for some time and serve you well. You service it, clean it, repair parts in case of damages and do all things to keep it at optimum performance. All these, I believe is done for the simple purpose of maintenance. Okay, perhaps you don’t have a car but there is at least that one valuable thing you have that you take good care of and maintain it to certain extremes. As a wood worker or a person constantly involved with handy works, I bet your sliding miter saw is among the most valuable tools in your work shop or store. In that case, it certainly needs maintenance especially the saw blade if you want it to last longer and serve you better. Proper maintenance of your sliding miter saw will definitely add more years to its originally acclaimed lifespan, as it provides great service throughout those years and save you money in the long run.

Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

In this article, I have outlined simple guidelines you can put into practice to care for your sliding miter saw blade.

  • Protect the teeth

The teeth are what make the saw blade a blade, making it vital to protect it. There are different teeth materials and dimensions, while many may be prone to chipping, wearing out or becoming blunt, others are fragile and can break if not stored properly or handled with care. It is imperative that when handling saw blades or the saw itself inclusive of the blade, handle it with care and caution to avoid falling or rubbing on unfriendly materials that could make it break or jeopardize its performance and effectiveness.

  • Cleanliness

Sliding miter saws are workshop tools. Their performances can be affected under circumstances that expose them to harsh conditions. Saw blades, being the part that performs the ultimate cutting tasks, tend to undergo terrific amounts of heat and strain. These conditions end up making dirt and dust to build up on the tooth surfaces and in between. Sometimes wood gum too may stick on the teeth which mean that a cleanup is required before the next cutting. Otherwise the results will not be worthwhile. It is advisable to use a blade cleaner to remove dirt, dust and any build up that may be present on the blade to prevent it from rusting. No doubt, a rusted blade will definitely impact your work negatively.

  • Maintaining cut quality

A blade needs to be sharp in order to produce quality cuts. A blunt blade may end up spoiling the geometry of material cutting and even waste the material. Just as the sharpness of a knife is maintained, a saw blade needs care and proper handling. The first step is to avoid sharpening the blade yourself unless you have a recommended sharpening tool. Otherwise take it to a professional sharpener. Also, use the saw for purposes it is meant for which either is cutting wood, steel or other things specified in the ser manual.

  • Adhere to factory instructions

Many people tend to ignore factory manual, guidelines, instructions or precautions. Reading and understanding what the factory has on the saw blade is important. From these you will find such tips as how to care for the blade and sometimes what not to do with the blade. Always read any instructions that come with a saw blade and adhere to them.

In conclusion, follow the above tips and do not go against what has been specifically written on the instruction manual. This way, you will be able to protect your investment and enjoy the benefits of your sliding miter saw for a very long time.

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