Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

The sliding miter saw is known for its versatility and precision on bevelled, angled and square cuts. Just like other woodworking tools, a sliding miter saw can cause injuries if used inappropriately. There are certain rules and steps to follow to greatly minimize the risk of getting injured when using this wonderful piece of equipment.

Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

  • To begin, always put on protective clothing whenever you are working with a miter saw. Of course, that should be the most basic thing to do when working in a workshop. Some people neglect this simple rule and end up paying a high price for it. Apart from clothing, there are other protective gadgets you can wear to protect some sensitive areas of your body. For instance, you should put on an appropriate hearing protection to protect your ear in case the tool is excessively loud. Constant use of this tool with such a high sound can gradually damage your ear drums.
  • Secondly, never attempt to disable the blade guard no matter the situation. Check the blade guard at all times to ensure that is it functioning properly and does not bind when lowering or raising the saw. Still on the saw blade, ensure that the blade is effectively fastened to the saw’s abor and also make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut whatever material it is designed to cut. Do not clamp the blade guard when in an open position. Always ensure that your fingers are kept at least 6 inches away from the blade whenever the power is on. This will help prevent any accidents in case the cutting area is missed or the saw slips out of position.

A saw that is incorrectly installed can be very risky and dangerous. When installing or examining the saw blade, remember to always unplug the saw from the power source to prevent any sort of electric shock or other hazards.

Also, almost all types of compound miter saws are designed to have adjustable fence. Here, you have to ensure that your saw’s fence is adjusted appropriately for the type of cut you want to make. The material should be firmly placed against the fence and table when cutting. One thing you shouldn’t do is “freehanding” a cut. This is ill-advised and extremely dangerous.

Another safety tip you have to observe is to always keep the saw clean. This will prevent any rust or slippages when cutting with the sliding miter saw. An excessive amount of sawdust or little cutoffs from previous jobs can cause discomfort in your present cutting operation.

Your sliding miter saw should come with a dust bag that can help you properly keep the saw dust and keep the cutting area neat at all times. Always try to use this bag and keep the cutting area as neat as possible before the next cutting task.

One last thing to do to always keep you safe is to avoid alcohol and drugs when using the miter saw. You will be less likely to make mistakes that may result to life injuries. Woodworking should be an enjoyable experience. In order to effectively complete your task and stay safe, you have to observe some safety rules when using the sliding miter saw.

Finally, always apply common sense when making use of a sliding miter saw. Do not be in a hurry to complete a task and forget the necessary safety precaution you need to observe. When using something as technical and dangerous as the sliding miter saw, the highest safety standards should be employed. By hurrying you will forget some things and make mistakes that may prove to be very costly.

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    I’ve learned so much. Will definitely be keeping these tips in mind. I’m starting now on this kind of “hobby” and this video helps me to be careful using this kind of tool, Thanks !

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