How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

Wisdom is a necessity in a situation where purchasing a tool that is meant to give accuracy and efficiency is involved. Are you wise enough to choose the best of the best sliding miter saws? Would you be able to single out a sliding miter saw that will make your cutting experience a great one? Do you really know what best suits your workshop needs? Well, just as King Solomon employed wisdom in giving the fairest judgment, you also need wisdom when choosing a tool that will guarantee value for money and efficiency.

Your ultimate thoughts when choosing a sliding miter saw should be based on more than one factor or feature. Given the versatility of sliding miter saws, questions such as how are you going to use the miter saw, how often, what you will be cutting and where you intend to use it should be properly answered. With all these questions you should be able to devise a plan that will be complimentary to your budget before embarking on sliding miter saw hunt. Consider the following factors when choosing a sliding miter saw.

How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

  • Research brands

There are different and many sliding miter saw brands in the market. Certainly there is not one solitary brand in sliding miter saws that is similar to the other. This is the more reason why you must research different brands before choosing a sliding miter saw. It is obvious you will come across manufactures reviews that will clearly speak positives about the specific brands. Do not be swayed by one eye catchy and persuasive review, instead conduct a thorough extensive research of at least five brands before settling on one that will appropriately fit your specific needs. Some famous brands name as: Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosch, …

  • Consider the blade size

A blade is a key feature of any miter saw, and with sliding miter saws, there are various different blades. The blade is what determines the depth or height of cut. Miter saw blades ranges from 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. The size of the blade increase with the cost of the blade, however the blades size mostly depends on your needs/application base. If you intend to use the sliding miter saw to cut through large work pieces then it is advised you go for a bigger blade and vice versa for a small applications. It is however important to note that a medium sized blade is more sufficient as your work load may increase or decrease at some in point time.

·         Mitre

As the name suggests, a mitre saw is a saw which cuts mitres, or angled cuts. The saw is normally preset to adjust to various popular angles such as 45º for right angle joints. Some saws will only mitre to one side, most will mitre to the left or the right making it quicker to use.

  • Budget

    It is most likely that when choosing to buy any tool or product you have a budget limit in mind. Well, this is important but then again the value of most products is usually determined by their price. But caution should be taken here. Do not judge a sliding miter saw by its price. Instead, concentrate on its features and what you need the saw to do for you, because the most expensive products are not necessarily the best.

    ·         Slide

    Cutting on a sliding action allows you to cut pieces of wood with greater widths. As with blade size, check the specs of the saws you’re looking at (see below) to see the capacities of cut they will do for you. If you plan to be cutting mainly dado, you won’t need to slide too much and the capacity needed will be less.

    However, if you plan to be cutting fencing posts you’ll need a bigger blade and a bigger width of cut capacity and therefore a sliding mitre saw is for you.

    Saws without a slide function are sometimes referred to as chop saws or cut-off saws.

    ·         Assurance

    A good and trustworthy manufacturer will guarantee their customers of the validity and performance of their products. Choosing a sliding miter saw that has a good warranty is actually a self assuring move on your end. Most manufactures give a one year warranty for sliding saw miters. But it will even be better if you find those that give more than a year as warranty for their product.

    ·         Other features

    Many now come with lights which is handy when working in bad lighting conditions and some come with built in laser lines which will show a red line across the wood where the blade will cut, making it handy for lining up with your pencil line.

    Most saws will come with adjustable rear fencesextension arms and workpiece clamps. These are great for supporting your wood and keeping your hands free and out of the way of the blade.

    Recently, new mitre saws have been seen with a variable speed dial. This helps you set the speed of the motor which best suits the material you will be cutting.


All in all, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a sliding miter saw. You need to conduct some research and apply wisdom in combining these factors to come out with a suitable tool for your needs.

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