Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

Anyone who wants an accurate and precise cut needs to have a sliding miter saw. But the main problem here is to select the most ideal one that will effectively meet your needs. One key way of determining the best one for your need is to understand the various features of a miter saw and which features provide the best benefit for you. Some miter saws have basic features such as blade, portable handle and the slide action. Others even have these basic features as well as other extra benefits such as dust and laser extraction.

Below are the most important features to consider before selecting a sliding miter saw:


Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

  • The blade

The blade is arguably the most important feature of a miter saw. The blade determines the height or depth of the cut. They come in different sizes from 8-inches to 10 inches and to 12-inches. The larger the blade size, the bigger the cut. Normally, you should be aiming for a miter saw with a large blade if you intend using it on very large materials. Also, remember that there are different blades made for different cutting materials. There are blades for mild, steel for aluminum and those for wood. Blades with more teeth produce finer cuts than those with lesser teeth. So, all these should be considered before buying a sliding miter saw.

  • Mitre

These types of saws are called miter saws because they are designed with miter that helps you determine the level of cut you want to make. The sliding miter saw can be preset to cut exactly the angle or depth you want it to cut and nothing more or less. The most ideal miter can adjust to different angles and can miter to the right or left, as opposed to other saws that can miter only on one side.

  • Bevel/Compound

A bevelled saw can be able to cut different angled bevels into the wood, which allows you to cut 2 distinct angles at the same time. During this process, the saw head rotates on the table and also tilts to the side. This is very important if you need to make complex angled cuts such as furniture making and crown moulding. If you are working on complex cutting project, it will be better to select a sliding miter saw with double bevel features. This will help you cut across any material in whichever angled position without having to turn the wood over to the other side. It is ideal for large miter-cutting and crosscutting jobs.

There are other additional features you can find in high quality sliding miter saws. Most good ones come with workpiece clamps, extension arms, rear fences and dust bags to help you keep things clean around the cutting area. The clamps and extension arms are important features that help you properly place the miter saw and keep your hands out of danger when cutting. In fact, few companies have started producing cordless sliding miter saws where you don’t have to struggle with cords to power on your miter saw.

When selecting a sliding miter saw, ask yourself which features are needed and which ones are not needed. This is important in order to keep your budget down. It will not be very wise if you buy an expensive sliding miter saw with all the features whereas you only need a basic miter saw that can help you carry out your occasional woodcutting task. On the other hand, a professional woodworker who handles various large cutting tasks at all times may not be making the best decision if he opt for a basic miter saw with limited features. So, your cutting needs should be considered before selecting the most ideal miter saw that can meet such needs.

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