Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws

It’s paramount to maintain cutting tools if you really want to keep them for long. Keeping tools dirty could make them lose their durability. Hence, the secret is to always clean and have regular maintenance. A majority of the craftsmen are in love with their machines the same way people are in love with pets or cars. They will do anything possible to extend their lifespan. This also applies to sliding Miter saws. But how do you achieve this? The rest of this article is dedicated to the proper way to maintain and care for your sliding miter saw.

How to clean Sliding Miter Saws

It’s obvious that cleanliness of sliding Miter Saws is an outright requirement for a very efficient woodworking task. Below are the best ways to clean this tool.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws.

  • Begin by first removing debris from the saw. The significant parts should be your primary area of attention as this is where small pieces of dirt will hide. You can make use of compressed air to make this task easier.
  • Once this is done use a dry but clean rag to wipe the machine.
  • The saw’s fences and cutting table should be your next area of cleaning. The use of a dry white Scotch-Brite pad alongside smooth, fluid motions will give your machine a glossy finishing. However, there are areas that could be difficult to clean hence you ought to be a little rough with them.
  • Electric hand polisher is known to work wonders in giving the miter saw a good final touch to every part of the tool.

The movable parts of a Sliding Miter Saw are a bit sensitive and tend to wear out faster than any other. So, lubricating them and especially the hinges would be an ideal thing to do. You can choose between air/pneumatic oil or turbine oil for this. Apart from increasing the machine’s lifespan, lubrication also enhances the performance of your machine. You will cut better and faster if the tool is lubricated very well.

The Cleaning of the blade of Sliding Miter Saws should also be given some level of concentration. Make use of a soft wire brush accompanied by standard toilet bowl cleaner. Give a serious touch to the blade’s teeth to remove oil, grease, and other build-ups.

However, do not do any polish up until the blade is completely dry. For safety precautions when cleaning your sliding Miter Saw, cover your hands with sturdy gloves to keep you safe from any form of harm during the cleaning process.

How to maintain Sliding Miter Saws

The way you maintain your sliding Miter Saws is of great essence. It should be done on a regular basis and special priority should be given to the Power cord, brushes, and the saw’s kerf board. Before you start the maintenance, ensure you look out for cracks, crushing brake, or even power cord cuts which is defined as one of the most hazardous. A word of caution is to allow only an authorized technician from a legitimate service center to handle sliding miter saw to help you through the maintenance process.

Remember that the Sliding miter saw is a great investment. Probably you have spent a lot of money to acquire this valuable tool. Although it comes with a warranty, it is your duty to maintain and take care of it to make it last even longer than the years of warranty offered for the product. If you make use of the sliding miter saw regularly, it is very important to take care of the tool at all times to provide an enjoyable and long lasting use.

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