What are the advantages of using a Sliding Miter Saw?

Every carpenter or woodworker want nothing short of the best tools they can get. This means they will go to any extent to achieve this because they must meet their goal of having accurate cut with clear blade precision. There are different types of Miter Saws for different purposes. However, a Sliding Miter Saw has been preferred by many professionals. It is one of the tools whereby once you use it, you will wonder why you have not made a purchase earlier. This is because of the various benefits associated with it. Keep reading for find out where every woodwork professional needs s sliding miter saw.

What are the advantages of using a Sliding Miter Saw?

What are the advantages of using a Sliding Miter Saw?

Why would you consider buying a sliding Miter saw and not any other?

  • To begin with, many wood makers have recommended Sliding Miter Saw because of its reliability. It is a tool that has a lot of capabilities within it and will not disappoint you. No matter the type of woodworking task you want to accomplish, be assured that the sliding miter saw will be very useful for you. It has a precision cut that is unequalled by no other product in the industry.
  • A sliding Miter saw is what you need especially if you are cutting large crowns. Besides, it will undertake more work than just any other Miter saw even though it may require more space in terms of storage and placement when working with it. Those with a lot of projects at hand will definitely need to work fast. With the Sliding miter saw, you will be able to cut large amount of woods at a very short time.
  • It is recommended for fine wood cutting because you can make finish cuts on wider boards quickly without having to flip the board to line it up with the previous cut. On the other hand, you can still use it for rough cuts because the Sliding Miter has a big deal of tolerance. The tool is user friendly and can easily be used on a wide range of cutting jobs.
  • With its slide, it will make clean and more accurate cuts. Besides, if you are looking at increasing the crosscut capacity, this could be your perfect tool.

While some people are concerned about the weight of the sliding Miter Saw, there are others who seem not to be bothered. After all, regardless of the saw you choose to use versus its price, your concern should be “is it worth it?” Again, does it meet your anticipated needs?

Nevertheless, before you decide whether to buy one or not, it is important that you consult with a more informed person. Be careful with the blade you choose for your Miter Saw because different modules will have different uses. Don’t force to fit an edge because you will be disappointed. The blade’s removal and replacement are also of the essence. To give life to your Sliding Miter Saw, ensure you oil it on a regular basis.

Having known that a sliding Miter Saw is long lasting, the secret lays behind cleaning and proper maintenance. The two must be carried out by an experienced person and using the right materials. Additionally, at the point of purchase, ensure you get a manual from where you can always get an update of how to operate the machine.

There are lots of benefits associated with the Sliding Miter Saw. Clearly, a sliding Miter Saw is indispensable if you are a professional woodworker and if you have a lot of projects to handle. For accuracy, precision, and ease of use, there are no better options than the sliding miter saw.

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Understanding the sliding miter saw

A sliding miter saw is a specialized tool used in constructions to make cuts mostly on wood and other materials. It has the additional slide name because of its ability to hinge backward and forward giving more clear and precise cuts. It is simply a compound miter saw with sliding arms used for cutting different straight and angled cuts with better accuracy and precision. They can either be single or dual. A single sliding miter saw poses ability to tilt only on one side while a dual compound sliding miter can tilt on both sides. It has added features that simply have an edge over other types of miter saws. This tool comes in various brands, sizes and models.

Understanding the sliding miter saw

Understanding the sliding miter saw

Sliding miter saws poses features like:

  1. A Sliding feature that enables the forward and backward movement of the saw blade
  2. A laser guide that casts a shadow-like beam on the cutting material and surface, giving the worker a clear indication on where the cut is to be made in the work piece alignment.
  3. A blade guard; this is a blade cover that protects the sharp end of the saw blade teeth. Today, sliding miter saws come with blade guards that can retract easily. When the saw is lowered the blade retracts and comes back into cover position when it is raised.
  4. A dust bag which is an advanced feature that helps the users to collect saw dust away from the work piece while still working. These dust bags are usually connected directly to the saw, making the tool environmentally friendly.
  5. A safety clamp; some sliding miter saws are designed with safety clamps that help to lock and position the work piece firmly upon the working surface and the miter saw.


The sliding miter saw has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Below are the benefits of having a sliding miter saw as a work tool.

  1. Sliding miter saws are portable because of their design which includes a holding handle. It also has weight that that is quite comfortable for the user; not too light and not too heavy thus making it highly portable on and off the cutting process.
  2. They are easy to use and to set up. Sliding miter saws only require you to mount it on a stand or surface and then lower it on the work piece; simple. The ease of use is characterized by a handle that gives you a good firm grasp. It equally comes with user manual which makes it easy to practice and adapt.
  3. Accurate and precise; miter saws are meant and are bound to produce smooth, clean and clear cuts, therefore the accuracy and precision is a general characteristic across most miter saws. However, a distinguishing feature for the sliding miter saw is its ability to provide accurate cuts when positions are shifted. This means that you will be able to attain a high level of cutting precision when cutting any section of the wood.


  1. The main disadvantage of the sliding miter saw is the relative poor chip and dust removal because the saw blade is usually exposed too much during the cutting process.
  2. Owning to the additional sliding feature, sliding miter saws are relatively expensive compared to the other miter saws.

These disadvantages are very insignificant to give them some thought. Overall, the sliding miter saw has more benefits than most other types of miter saws. They are accurate, provide precise cuts and generally make woodcutting a great adventure.

They are the best tools to use when it comes to cutting wider materials. So, if you are looking for a very effective cutting tool, there are very few tools that can compete with sliding miter saws in terms of cutting accuracy and ease of use.

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Sliding miter saw – choosing between the 10 inch and 12 inch model

Celebrated as an all rounded type of miter saw, the sliding miter saw has managed to secure a place in most carpenters’ and constructors’ tool kits. Even with that much celebration, it still remains a problem to choose the most appropriate among the available sliding miter saw models. Sliding miter saws exists in models from 8 inches to 12 inches. However, the 10 inch and 12 inch miter models remain to be the most common in woodcutting. You may be wondering what this numerals represent; they refer to the saw blade diameter. In this article we will concentrate on the 10 and 12 inch miter saws plus few factors that will help you make a good choice between the two. Read on.

One important thing you need to understand is that the 12 inch sliding miter saw has the ability to penetrate through thicker planks than the 10 inch saw. A 10 inch sliding miter saw however works across most cutting needs and dimensions. It works through picture frames, frame moulds, crown moulds and decking. In general, a 10 inch sliding miter saw can be used in about all projects comfortably. Therefore, if you are a regular handy man you can try the 10 inch model as it will serve you most.

Sliding miter saw - choosing between the 10 inch and 12 inch model

Sliding miter saw – choosing between the 10 inch and 12 inch model

Looking into present and future usage, one has to be extremely keen and considerate when making a choice between these two sliding miter saw options. First, you have to define your work standings. Is it one-off deal or a recurrent deal? Consider a case where you opt for a 12 inched saw mainly because there is a very thick piece in your workshop waiting to be cut; but then time passes and you realize that a year or two down the line you have not had an opportunity to cut such thick planks again. Now the question here is; was it worth to buy the 12 inch saw? The answer presumably you already know.

In other words, when you are buying a sliding miter saw keep in mind both the present needs and possible future needs. If you are a first time buyer, you can get both of them or better still a sliding miter saw as it will handle almost 95% of your cutting needs.

Another aspect to consider is portability. How much portability are you looking at? First of all, a 12 inch blade is heavier than a 10 inch saw blade. Of course, you really didn’t expect the extra two inches to be weight free! Moving from one working point to the other with a heavy tool can be really tiresome and daunting at the same time. This simply means that a 10 inch sliding saw should be considered where portability is primary concern. If you are concerned about portability and less concerned about the size of wood to cut, the 10-inch sliding miter saw is more ideal for you.

You also need to note that costs associated with the two blades vary with size. For example, it will cost you more to buy a 12 inch sliding miter saw just as it will cost more to sharpen or replace a 12 inch saw blade. So, if you are too concerned about how much you are willing to pay for a sliding miter saw and how much to spend for maintenance, the 10-inch miter saw should be considered. It all boils down to what is more convenient for you and what type of job you are doing with the miter saw. With these considerations, you will be able to select the better option that will serve you very well.

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Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

The sliding miter saw is known for its versatility and precision on bevelled, angled and square cuts. Just like other woodworking tools, a sliding miter saw can cause injuries if used inappropriately. There are certain rules and steps to follow to greatly minimize the risk of getting injured when using this wonderful piece of equipment.

Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Sliding Miter Saw

  • To begin, always put on protective clothing whenever you are working with a miter saw. Of course, that should be the most basic thing to do when working in a workshop. Some people neglect this simple rule and end up paying a high price for it. Apart from clothing, there are other protective gadgets you can wear to protect some sensitive areas of your body. For instance, you should put on an appropriate hearing protection to protect your ear in case the tool is excessively loud. Constant use of this tool with such a high sound can gradually damage your ear drums.
  • Secondly, never attempt to disable the blade guard no matter the situation. Check the blade guard at all times to ensure that is it functioning properly and does not bind when lowering or raising the saw. Still on the saw blade, ensure that the blade is effectively fastened to the saw’s abor and also make sure the blade is sharp enough to cut whatever material it is designed to cut. Do not clamp the blade guard when in an open position. Always ensure that your fingers are kept at least 6 inches away from the blade whenever the power is on. This will help prevent any accidents in case the cutting area is missed or the saw slips out of position.

A saw that is incorrectly installed can be very risky and dangerous. When installing or examining the saw blade, remember to always unplug the saw from the power source to prevent any sort of electric shock or other hazards.

Also, almost all types of compound miter saws are designed to have adjustable fence. Here, you have to ensure that your saw’s fence is adjusted appropriately for the type of cut you want to make. The material should be firmly placed against the fence and table when cutting. One thing you shouldn’t do is “freehanding” a cut. This is ill-advised and extremely dangerous.

Another safety tip you have to observe is to always keep the saw clean. This will prevent any rust or slippages when cutting with the sliding miter saw. An excessive amount of sawdust or little cutoffs from previous jobs can cause discomfort in your present cutting operation.

Your sliding miter saw should come with a dust bag that can help you properly keep the saw dust and keep the cutting area neat at all times. Always try to use this bag and keep the cutting area as neat as possible before the next cutting task.

One last thing to do to always keep you safe is to avoid alcohol and drugs when using the miter saw. You will be less likely to make mistakes that may result to life injuries. Woodworking should be an enjoyable experience. In order to effectively complete your task and stay safe, you have to observe some safety rules when using the sliding miter saw.

Finally, always apply common sense when making use of a sliding miter saw. Do not be in a hurry to complete a task and forget the necessary safety precaution you need to observe. When using something as technical and dangerous as the sliding miter saw, the highest safety standards should be employed. By hurrying you will forget some things and make mistakes that may prove to be very costly.

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How to choose the right Miter Saw blade

Having worked with Sliding Miter Saw for ages does not necessarily give you ultimate professionalism, especially when it comes to functionality and operation. Even the best of operators sometimes have challenges with them and experience some dilemma when choosing the best blade. There are many designs and configurations that sometimes it becomes confusing to choose the most ideal one.

How do you ensure that you have chosen the right sliding Miter Saw Blade?

Different types of Sliding Miter Saws bring in the need for difference types of blades. Hence, you ought to exercise care because if you get it all wrong at the beginning, you could be faced with replacement challenges later on. Here is what you should put into consideration:

How to choose the right Miter Saw blade

How to choose the right Miter Saw blade

  • Type of saw

There are different types of saws that will work differently. So, each of them may require a specific blade. However, there are those which may be utilized interchangeably, for example the metal cutting blades. They can be used on almost all types of saws. If you are looking for versatility, you can settle for the type of saw that can accommodate different types of blades. This can help you easily get a replacement whenever you want to replace the blade.

  • The size of the saw.

You must get the right size of the Sliding Miter Saw before you can choose on the blade. However, some people are ignorant enough to an extent of using a blade that is of a different size from the saw. And what are the results? In most cases, the work is not clear or probably rough. This might not be much of an issue to a home user, but a professional should consider this implication before buying a sliding miter saw.

  • Tooth count.

Everyone wants cleaner and finish cuts off their work. It is a fact that a higher tooth count of at least 60 teeth is optimal enough and will provide smooth cuts. However, while there are those who disagree with this opinion, what should guide you is the type of material you are cutting apart from the kind of cut you want to achieve.

  • Tooth configuration and design

This is more or less of tooth geometry that refers to the way the blade’s tooth is being cut. There are several kinds and conflicting theories of tooth geometry, but the most recommended is the Triple Chip Grind (TCG). Manufacturers may advise and or claim otherwise because of the availability of highly specialized tooth shapes that produce specialized, exotic blades.

  • Hook Angles.

Serious considerations of tooth shapes and configurations could easily affect the entire purpose of the blade, hence the hook angle must be taken with a lot of seriousness. Besides, not all materials will work with any hook. A -5 to +7 degree is what is considered a good quality blade. However, harder materials require a negative or no hook at all.

At what point do you change the blade? You need the know-how and patience. You need to use Allen wrench to take out the blade but for the blade’s outer washer, using your hands would be safe enough. For the inner washer, don’t even think of removing it.

Overall, it will not be out of place to say that the blade of a sliding miter saw is the most important piece of the tool. Without the right blade, no cutting activity can be carried out smoothly. It is therefore advise to always keep the blade safe and neat to avoid rust or other things that may reduce its level of efficiency.

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Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

Anyone who wants an accurate and precise cut needs to have a sliding miter saw. But the main problem here is to select the most ideal one that will effectively meet your needs. One key way of determining the best one for your need is to understand the various features of a miter saw and which features provide the best benefit for you. Some miter saws have basic features such as blade, portable handle and the slide action. Others even have these basic features as well as other extra benefits such as dust and laser extraction.

Below are the most important features to consider before selecting a sliding miter saw:


Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Sliding Miter Saw

  • The blade

The blade is arguably the most important feature of a miter saw. The blade determines the height or depth of the cut. They come in different sizes from 8-inches to 10 inches and to 12-inches. The larger the blade size, the bigger the cut. Normally, you should be aiming for a miter saw with a large blade if you intend using it on very large materials. Also, remember that there are different blades made for different cutting materials. There are blades for mild, steel for aluminum and those for wood. Blades with more teeth produce finer cuts than those with lesser teeth. So, all these should be considered before buying a sliding miter saw.

  • Mitre

These types of saws are called miter saws because they are designed with miter that helps you determine the level of cut you want to make. The sliding miter saw can be preset to cut exactly the angle or depth you want it to cut and nothing more or less. The most ideal miter can adjust to different angles and can miter to the right or left, as opposed to other saws that can miter only on one side.

  • Bevel/Compound

A bevelled saw can be able to cut different angled bevels into the wood, which allows you to cut 2 distinct angles at the same time. During this process, the saw head rotates on the table and also tilts to the side. This is very important if you need to make complex angled cuts such as furniture making and crown moulding. If you are working on complex cutting project, it will be better to select a sliding miter saw with double bevel features. This will help you cut across any material in whichever angled position without having to turn the wood over to the other side. It is ideal for large miter-cutting and crosscutting jobs.

There are other additional features you can find in high quality sliding miter saws. Most good ones come with workpiece clamps, extension arms, rear fences and dust bags to help you keep things clean around the cutting area. The clamps and extension arms are important features that help you properly place the miter saw and keep your hands out of danger when cutting. In fact, few companies have started producing cordless sliding miter saws where you don’t have to struggle with cords to power on your miter saw.

When selecting a sliding miter saw, ask yourself which features are needed and which ones are not needed. This is important in order to keep your budget down. It will not be very wise if you buy an expensive sliding miter saw with all the features whereas you only need a basic miter saw that can help you carry out your occasional woodcutting task. On the other hand, a professional woodworker who handles various large cutting tasks at all times may not be making the best decision if he opt for a basic miter saw with limited features. So, your cutting needs should be considered before selecting the most ideal miter saw that can meet such needs.

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Facts about owning a sliding miter saw

The sliding miter saw is a valuable tool for carpenters and woodworking professionals who want an efficient and accurate cutting job in their workshop. It is ideal for both professionals and novice since it is very portable and easy to use. However, a sliding miter saw needs some degree of expertise before it can work effectively for you.

Adding a sliding miter saw to your work tool kit is one step that will shift your working experience to a whole new level. This cutting tool will help you achieve very clean, smooth and accurate cuts on pieces of wood, steel or whatever materials you are cutting. But is it just you having one that makes all this possible or are there other things attached that enable you to achieve such precise and accurate cuts? Yes there are! Having a car does not automatically qualify you as a driver or in this case a good driver.

Facts about owning a sliding miter saw

Facts about owning a sliding miter saw

A sliding miter saw is just another compound miter saw but the only difference is the fact that it is manufactured with an additional sliding feature that enables the saw blade to hinge back and forth. This gives you the ability to make longer cuts on wider work pieces. This feature and the features of the sliding miter saws (blades, blade guards, dust bag, laser guard) come a long way to ensuring that you achieve accuracy and precision on cuts made using this cutting edge tool. It also makes your work easier and more efficient than it would have been if using the other conventional cutting saws.

Using the sliding miter saw effectively requires a significant amount of input from you, so taking steps towards ensuring that you use it appropriately is very important. Reading articles that contain information on how to use miter saws, visiting manufacturers websites for guides on the same, reading the factory manuals and instructions, and/or seeking the help of an experienced user are some options you can explore to help you set up and use the tool effectively. In the same direction, proper and efficient usage of your sliding miter saw does not end at the aforementioned. Regardless of the option you choose to explore, constant practice and usage is what will boost your confidence and ability to use your miter saw effectively and with ease.

Since you already have your sliding miter saw and also know how to use it, for your miter saw to continue giving desired results, you should maintain it properly. Maintenance starts from storing it properly; using it for purposes it is designed for, protecting the blade and practicing correct safety measures related to the sliding miter saw. Simple practices like re-sharpening the blades, cleanliness of the saw (inclusive of the blade) will ensure that you keep getting results for as long as the sliding miter saw can serve you. It also helps makes the saw to have a longer life.

Generally, you need to do more than just acquiring a sliding miter saw. Get the right one whether it is 10 inch or 12 inch model; ensure you get one that suits your needs. Add a stand to it and put into practice necessary measures to enable you to use it long enough and receive value for your money.

Finally, remember that there are so many options available when it comes to choosing the most ideal sliding miter saw. Therefore, the first thing to put right when using a miter saw is to carefully select the one that meets your cutting needs. That way, you won’t be struggling too much on the best way to make it work properly for you.

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Ensuring proper use of Sliding Miter Saws

Sliding Miter Saws come in all types, shapes, and colors. It is increasing in popularity for different purposes of wood cutting. The main reasons for its popularity are its style, reliability, and capability. However, it is your obligation to choose the one that will best suit your intended project.

This is a powerful tool, and for it to give you good results, it is necessary that proper use and maintenance is observed under all circumstances. You will probably need to keep referring to the manual from its manufacturer, but nevertheless there are tips you can still apply to ensure its proper usage.

Tips on how to make proper use of a Sliding Miter Saws

If you can afford it, a Sliding Miter Saw is the best for a majority of carpentry projects. Knowing how to use it properly would save you a lot in terms of repair and maintenance and here are the tips for accomplishing that:

Ensuring proper use of Sliding Miter Saws

Ensuring proper use of Sliding Miter Saws

  • To begin with, it is important that you have a manufacturer’s manual for reference purposes. The guide will give you specifications of the machine and any other relevant operational information. It is from it that you will gain some understanding before you can begin using it. You could perhaps also run the machine through a piece of wood to ensure it is working properly.
  • Never force the saw on wood. Allow the saw to cut as you guide to whatever direction you want it to take. The cramp will help in keeping the wood steady and assist you cut to any direction you want,
  • Do not engage the tool in cutting any other material apart from wood and wood like material. Using it on anything else could cause guard damage. Also, ensure that your working surface is clear from unnecessary items that could interrupt you when you start working. The working surface should be clean and free of grease that may affect your work.
  • Gaining stability of the machine when using it is of considerable significance. Ensure you have it screwed on a wooden table using nuts. You need to have a proper way of supporting your work piece especially if it is a lengthy one. The sliding miter saw is a great tool that can make your hand unstable if not properly guarded on the table. This is why a very good sliding miter saw is very vital for safety reasons.
  • Any time the saw is started, it moves with speed. Do not be tempted to put your finger or hand on the blade path even if something sticks on it. Power off the saw first then you can remove the jam. There have been so many injuries that have resulted from this. So, it is important to stay clear of the blade when work is going on.
  • Proper use of a sliding Miter Saw means that you are using the recommended blade, especially when cutting non-ferrous material. This will give it longer life and will also keep it safe.

By the way, it is very easy to get an injury from a Sliding Miter Saw. However, proper and critical usage is of importance for you to stay clear of injuries. All injuries can be prevented by observing simple precautions. Remember to clean and regularly take it for maintenance but only to a person who understand its operations.

An experienced professional may know how to properly maintain a sliding miter saw. But if you are still learning how to use it, it is obvious that you may not know how best to take care of it. In this case, the above guidelines will help you understand what it needed to keep the sliding miter saw in safe and properly working condition.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws

It’s paramount to maintain cutting tools if you really want to keep them for long. Keeping tools dirty could make them lose their durability. Hence, the secret is to always clean and have regular maintenance. A majority of the craftsmen are in love with their machines the same way people are in love with pets or cars. They will do anything possible to extend their lifespan. This also applies to sliding Miter saws. But how do you achieve this? The rest of this article is dedicated to the proper way to maintain and care for your sliding miter saw.

How to clean Sliding Miter Saws

It’s obvious that cleanliness of sliding Miter Saws is an outright requirement for a very efficient woodworking task. Below are the best ways to clean this tool.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sliding Miter Saws.

  • Begin by first removing debris from the saw. The significant parts should be your primary area of attention as this is where small pieces of dirt will hide. You can make use of compressed air to make this task easier.
  • Once this is done use a dry but clean rag to wipe the machine.
  • The saw’s fences and cutting table should be your next area of cleaning. The use of a dry white Scotch-Brite pad alongside smooth, fluid motions will give your machine a glossy finishing. However, there are areas that could be difficult to clean hence you ought to be a little rough with them.
  • Electric hand polisher is known to work wonders in giving the miter saw a good final touch to every part of the tool.

The movable parts of a Sliding Miter Saw are a bit sensitive and tend to wear out faster than any other. So, lubricating them and especially the hinges would be an ideal thing to do. You can choose between air/pneumatic oil or turbine oil for this. Apart from increasing the machine’s lifespan, lubrication also enhances the performance of your machine. You will cut better and faster if the tool is lubricated very well.

The Cleaning of the blade of Sliding Miter Saws should also be given some level of concentration. Make use of a soft wire brush accompanied by standard toilet bowl cleaner. Give a serious touch to the blade’s teeth to remove oil, grease, and other build-ups.

However, do not do any polish up until the blade is completely dry. For safety precautions when cleaning your sliding Miter Saw, cover your hands with sturdy gloves to keep you safe from any form of harm during the cleaning process.

How to maintain Sliding Miter Saws

The way you maintain your sliding Miter Saws is of great essence. It should be done on a regular basis and special priority should be given to the Power cord, brushes, and the saw’s kerf board. Before you start the maintenance, ensure you look out for cracks, crushing brake, or even power cord cuts which is defined as one of the most hazardous. A word of caution is to allow only an authorized technician from a legitimate service center to handle sliding miter saw to help you through the maintenance process.

Remember that the Sliding miter saw is a great investment. Probably you have spent a lot of money to acquire this valuable tool. Although it comes with a warranty, it is your duty to maintain and take care of it to make it last even longer than the years of warranty offered for the product. If you make use of the sliding miter saw regularly, it is very important to take care of the tool at all times to provide an enjoyable and long lasting use.

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A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

Are you struggling to choose a suitable saw stand for your sliding miter saw? Well no more struggles as you are now here. This article will help you know and understand the different saw stands available today and how to pick one that best suits you. Before we even start looking at the different available saw types or categories of saw stands, you have to be able to answer the what, how and which questions that are likely to arise when looking to acquire a stand for your sliding miter saw. Like what do you need? Why do you need it? Which features or qualities are you looking for? What is your budget estimate? These questions should be your guide to choosing the most suitable stand for your saw.

Types of sliding miter saw stands

A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

  • Homemade stands

This is what carpenters were using long before all these modern bought stands came into the picture. This does not necessarily mean that they have since ceased to be in use, some still use it presently. Going by the name homemade, they are a simple stand construction manually built by a user. It features two holding logs and a wider board across the logs which act as the work surface. This type of stand is usable with a main advantage of being cheaper than the others. It is however not portable as it is obviously heavy and hard to move around with.

  • Rail miter saw stand

This stand constitutes four legs that can be pulled from the main horizontal rail. It has clamped cross bars mounted to the rail. Some have padded feet which allows you to leave them on your slider and use it without the need of the stand. The advantage of this type of stand is that it is made very compact and portable. They have only the legs and rail and they have a slide out feature that enables you to use them when working on longer pieces.

  • Table top saw stand

Also like its name, it is a stand with a flat table top on which you should mount your sliding miter saw. It comes with the advantage of flexibility as it is not only able to support the sliding miter saw but other types of miter saws too. The main disadvantage of the table top stand is the inability to use the saw away from the stand since it requires you to bolt the saw to the table top.

  • The foldable wheeled stand

This is a stand that gives you the possibility to wheel it around to your convenience. You already realize how much portable it is than the other mentioned stands. It features a robust table with a wide foot on one end and double locked wheels on the other.

  • Compound stand

This one consists of a piece of wood usually mounted on the edge of the stand. This makes it easy and possible for you to firmly attach the saw to the clamp and also remove it with ease when necessary. With its light legs and foldable legs, it is also portable.

The above are the types of stands used in holding a sliding miter saw. You can’t say one is better than the other because they all have their benefits and disadvantages. All you have to consider is the cost, your convenience and how effective the stand will be able to hold your saw. Overall, the sliding miter saw is a great investment and it is important to select the most ideal stand to help you achieve great and effective cutting experience.

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