What you need to know about Compound sliding miter saws

A miter saw is an expert tool that enables you to cut materials at a variety of angles. It has a blade mounted on a dangling arm that spins left or right to produce angled cuts. There are various types of miter saws; compound miter saws, dual compound miter saws and sliding miter saws. A compound sliding miter saw is an improved version of a compound miter saw. It has an inclusive sliding feature that allows the saws’ blade and motor assemblage to slide forward and back, which considerably increases the width of material you can cut at a time.

Known for its versatility, the compound sliding miter saw is a great add-on in any woodworking store. It is an easy tool as it only requires a simple pivot of the blade and tilt on the head to make amazing compound miter cuts. Compared to its non-sliding miter saw counterpart, the sliding miter saw has a wide cutting capacity of up to 12 inch wide boards of approximately 3 to 4 inches, which is obviously wider than what the largest non-sliding saws can cut.

What you need to know about Compound sliding miter saws

What you need to know about Compound sliding miter saws

A compound sliding miter saw allows you to easily make cuts that are difficult to cut using the conventional table saws. This is because the miter gauge is usually very small while the saw table is not big enough to provide support to the angled board during a cut. With compound sliding miter saw in hand, all it takes is to put the cutting board in position, then pivot the saw blade, line up the laser guide and you are ready to go!

For a sliding miter saw, making a switch from cutting big and large timber to cutting compound miters in delicate order takes only a few seconds. Whereas making 60 degree cuts for a three sided board is as simple as you can imagine, cutting ambiguous compound miters for composite assemblies is even simpler.

But a compound sliding miter saw has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Based on customer reviews on different sliding miter saw products, it is obvious that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages to a large extent. One advantage being that it enables you to acquire a cut from two different angles in just a single cutting process. With the possible feature of tilting and moving of the blade, a compound sliding miter saw is a preferable solution in situations where angled and beveled cuts are to be made by simple blade manipulation. It is also convenient to use because of its blade gliding feature which can actually cover long cuts on woods. Apart from the fact that the sliding miter saws tend to be more expensive than non-sliding miter saws, there aren’t any benefits of picking the latter over the former.

In conclusion, the popularity and use of miter saws has tremendously grown over the years and is still growing. Being one of the workshop tools that make construction jobs light and easy, the sliding miter saw has gained favor among both professional users and those who carry out small personal constructions, renovations and so on. Having the best of this tool is imperative and wise especially if you are the type of person constantly involved in hand jobs. Before you run to a tool store or online store to make a purchase, understand what you need and pick what will best serve that need. You need to consider the type of product and look for a very quality brand that will provide the most precise and accurate cuts that will improve your job efficiency.

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Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

There are many variations of sliding miter saws in the market today. From design to specifications they vary from brands to almost everything. However, a key element in buying a specific miter saw is having adequate knowledge on what features the miter saw poses. Look out for features that can make your work easier and offer great versatility. After all, what is machinery meant for if not to reduce and ease work for mankind? Below are the key features you should look for when buying a sliding miter saw.

Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

Top features to look for in an ideal sliding miter saw

  • The size of the saw blade is an important element in selecting an ideal sliding miter saw. Most common and available blade sizes are 8inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. While purchasing a sliding miter saw, keep in mind that the larger the blade the larger the cut. So, the size you select will depend on the type of woodworking task you want to accomplish.
  • Amps measure the power of miter saw motor. Sliding miter saws with higher amps will definitely have more cutting power while those with lower amps will have low cutting power.
  • Depth adjustors/stops allow you to adjust the height of the blade, thus controlling how deeply the blade cuts through into the work piece.
  • Another great feature is the Articulated Blade Guards which keep the guard clear of the work piece and provide a better view of the cutting line. When the saw is raised the guard lowers to cover the blade completely. This is a safety feature you need to consider seriously.
  • Positive stops are set points that allow you to make quick precise cuts on very specific angles. The more the positive stops the less the time required to set up cuts. There are some sliding miter saws that are designed with thumb stops for easy and quick manual adjustments. These are the types you need to consider.
  • Electric brake is another great feature to consider. It reverses the flow of power in the tool motor when the trigger is released. Power currents reversal stops the blade from losing the momentum on its own. Some power brakes can stop the blades in seconds. This will protect you from accidentally slicing through a piece in the wrong direction.
  • Shaft locks immobilise the shafts and blades, making it much easier to change the blades.
  • A dust bag helps you keep things tight and clean in the working area. It is directly connected to the mitre saw and collects the saw dust directly away from the work piece.
  • Dust blowers help move or blow sawdust away from the cutting area
  • Slide feature allows the blade to be moved a couple of inches across the cutting surface enabling the blade to make longer cuts larger than the diameter of the blade.
  • Digital Display provides easy to read bevel and mitre setting information for effective woodworking operation.
  • Laser guide provides a beam casting onto the work piece which properly guides you on where to make cuts.
  • Sliding fence provides accurate cuttings between the saw blades and longest working piece edge fixed at standard 90 degree position. This feature gives added support to taller stock.

These are the key features you will find in a good sliding miter saw. You may not find every of these features in all products but most good products will definitely have a majority of these features. You should be able to make a purchase that is not only outstanding in terms of design and brand but with the best features as possible. All these play a crucial role in determining the end result of a successful wood cutting process.

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Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

Each industry has the best brands, best models and best designs of products. A completive market as they say is healthy and more advantageous to the customers. They get the benefit of choosing from a wide variety. When manufacturers are busy coming up with what they feel is best the customer is also busy making a contrast and choosing what they think is the best. In the workshop tool industry, there are many sliding miter saw products ranging from various brands, prices, sizes and specifications. It all comes down to you to select the most ideal product and what works best for you. Based on reviews and user experiences, the following sliding miter saws have come to be rated as the best in the industry. Read on to see their features and benefits.

Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

Top 4 best sliding miter saws in the market today

  • Bosch 5312 sliding compound miter

Bosch is no doubt one of the top rated miters saw manufactures and this carefully designed product is acclaimed as one of the best sliding miter saws in the market today. With features like the upfront bevel locker, a large base, miter detents override, a dependable power motor that makes use of cord- electric power source, speed tracks sliding fences, electric brake and carbide tipped blade not forgetting a one year limited guarantee, the borsch 5312 compound is actually a tool you will be proud to work with.

  • Dewalt DWS780 12-inch double bevel sliding miter

The product name best describes it. This model has outstanding features that enable you to makes cuts without having to worry about the power cord. It also has a feature that helps you collect saw dust and still manage to make clean clear cuts. Dewalt DWS780 is surely every carpenter’s dream miter saw because of its numerous features as well as its affordability. It is medium weight and not too light nor too heavy, very portable, easy to use and ultra bright LED light that casts a beam on the work area. The Dewalt DWS780 is a miter saw whose features are best described by concept relative to its benefits.

  • Hitachi C12RSH sliding miter

This saw is known for its user friendliness. It has inbuilt laser technology that helps you make precise cuts by letting you turn it on even when the blade is still not in motion. This helps in getting a better focus on a targeted angle to make a cut. It also comes with an advanced dust collection bag, skid proof handle that gives you control of the tool, powerful motor and a wide base. If you are looking for a saw that is easy to use, there aren’t many out there that equate with the Hitachi C12RSH in that aspect.

  • Makita LXSL01 sliding compound

Makita LXSL01 is one of the most powerful sliding miter saws available. With a long lasting lithium battery, a powerful motor, compact portable and convenient design, large base, electric brake, comfortable handle, and a dust bag, it’s a miter saw that has proven to be quite effective in constructions.

In conclusion, these four products have received enormous ratings on their performance in woodcutting and other sawing needs. It is however important to note that as much as a tool may receive much acclamation, it has one or two disadvantages which is normal as there is no such thing as the perfect thing. However, your ability to use your sliding miter saw and maintain it properly regardless of brand or model is what counts in how any of the aforementioned sliding miter saws will work for you.

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Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

How do you take care of your car? Probably it is your greatest asset or love or companion. You obviously adore it and would want it to be around quite for some time and serve you well. You service it, clean it, repair parts in case of damages and do all things to keep it at optimum performance. All these, I believe is done for the simple purpose of maintenance. Okay, perhaps you don’t have a car but there is at least that one valuable thing you have that you take good care of and maintain it to certain extremes. As a wood worker or a person constantly involved with handy works, I bet your sliding miter saw is among the most valuable tools in your work shop or store. In that case, it certainly needs maintenance especially the saw blade if you want it to last longer and serve you better. Proper maintenance of your sliding miter saw will definitely add more years to its originally acclaimed lifespan, as it provides great service throughout those years and save you money in the long run.

Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

Tips on how to maintain your sliding miter saw blade

In this article, I have outlined simple guidelines you can put into practice to care for your sliding miter saw blade.

  • Protect the teeth

The teeth are what make the saw blade a blade, making it vital to protect it. There are different teeth materials and dimensions, while many may be prone to chipping, wearing out or becoming blunt, others are fragile and can break if not stored properly or handled with care. It is imperative that when handling saw blades or the saw itself inclusive of the blade, handle it with care and caution to avoid falling or rubbing on unfriendly materials that could make it break or jeopardize its performance and effectiveness.

  • Cleanliness

Sliding miter saws are workshop tools. Their performances can be affected under circumstances that expose them to harsh conditions. Saw blades, being the part that performs the ultimate cutting tasks, tend to undergo terrific amounts of heat and strain. These conditions end up making dirt and dust to build up on the tooth surfaces and in between. Sometimes wood gum too may stick on the teeth which mean that a cleanup is required before the next cutting. Otherwise the results will not be worthwhile. It is advisable to use a blade cleaner to remove dirt, dust and any build up that may be present on the blade to prevent it from rusting. No doubt, a rusted blade will definitely impact your work negatively.

  • Maintaining cut quality

A blade needs to be sharp in order to produce quality cuts. A blunt blade may end up spoiling the geometry of material cutting and even waste the material. Just as the sharpness of a knife is maintained, a saw blade needs care and proper handling. The first step is to avoid sharpening the blade yourself unless you have a recommended sharpening tool. Otherwise take it to a professional sharpener. Also, use the saw for purposes it is meant for which either is cutting wood, steel or other things specified in the ser manual.

  • Adhere to factory instructions

Many people tend to ignore factory manual, guidelines, instructions or precautions. Reading and understanding what the factory has on the saw blade is important. From these you will find such tips as how to care for the blade and sometimes what not to do with the blade. Always read any instructions that come with a saw blade and adhere to them.

In conclusion, follow the above tips and do not go against what has been specifically written on the instruction manual. This way, you will be able to protect your investment and enjoy the benefits of your sliding miter saw for a very long time.

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Tips On Effective Use Of Sliding Miter Saws

A sliding miter is a workshop tool that has all the possible advantages you need. From helping you make precise and accurate cutting jobs to convenience brought about by the special gliding feature, which makes it possible to cut longer and wider pieces of material. The tools however requires knowledge of use, precautions and adherence to certain safety tips if at all you want to be able to continuously use the sliding miter saw. If the required working and safety tips are adhered, you will work better and avoid injuries when using this wonderful piece of equipment. Below are some effective tips when using a sliding meter saw.

Tips On Effective Use Of Sliding Miter Saws

Tips On Effective Use Of Sliding Miter Saws

  • Read user manuals

These miter saws come with designed manufactures’ user guides and manuals. The user manual contain information on how to assemble dismantled parts, detailed information on how to set up the sliding miter saw and instructions to successful operation for first time users. These instructions may be in form of pictures, words or a combination of both words and pictures. It is important to read the user guide and manual before you start on any activities with the sliding miter saw. This will save you a lot of headache when using the saw and help you preserve its lifespan for a very long time.

  • Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your sliding miter saw improves it durability and efficiency. Keep the tools blown out and the miter saw clean and tight. Oil and lube the pivot joint regularly to avoid friction. After a cutting activity, wipe the saw blades clean and store properly before using it the next time. Check the saws’ power cords for any faults as faulty cords not only prevent power from reaching the tools but also pose great danger to you and the surrounding. Additionally, use shorter extension cords where there is need.

  • Proper location and tool setup

Ensure that your set up location has enough space and light convenient for use. You would not want to go cutting wood in a dark enclosed room. You need light to see what you are cutting and how you are cutting just as you need space.

  • Proper storage

Proper storage of your sliding miter saw is essential too. Keep it away from children as it may cause accidents. Also ensure you keep your cutting tools and equipments in one place to avoid misplacement and endless search for one or two tools and equipments. Remember to keep the tools in a good environment away from water and heat or anything that may jeopardize its functionality, efficacy and safety.

  • Keep the table top clean

This is achieved by keeping dust and dirt away from the table top thus achieving cleaner and more precise cuts. Also, oiling the table top may lead to slipping and sliding which is unsafe for your materials, hands and fingers.

  • Ensure assemble parts of the sliding miter saw are properly fixed. This is to prevent interference and possible accidents during the cutting process.
  • Use safety equipments

When using a sliding miter saw, have safety equipments such as goggles, gloves and overalls. Goggles will prevent dust and particles from entering your eyes. Gloves protect your hands from cuts and skin infections. While overalls and body covers protect you from getting extremely dirty and getting skin conditions caused by wood dusts.

The above are some of the tips you can follow to use the sliding meter saws safely. The tool provides great assistance for any type of woodworking job you want to embark on. It is therefore important to maintain it properly and adhere to safety rules to keep it working at an optimum condition and help you remain safe from injuries.

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Tips on choosing the right sliding miter saw blade

The effectiveness and purpose of your sliding miter greatly depends on the type of saw blade you have for the tool, its compatibility with the miter saw and the cut to be made. Having the correct blade for your saw that fits for the specific cut is a step ahead towards achieving smooth, clean and clear cuts. The woodworking tool market has taken this as an opportunity to invest by availing various types and sizes of saw blades for workers, which can baffle even the most experienced wood worker if they do not understand the basics and the different functions of the saw blade. Read through this article to gain more insight on saw blades.

First of all, you need to understand a few essential things to choosing the correct saw blade. Things like; knowing the type of miter saw in this case sliding miter saw and the type of cuts you will be making using the blade. Do you need a specialize kind of blade or a general purpose blade? What is the power strength and capacity of your sliding miter saw? Are there any manufacturer recommendations? In addition to these questions, understanding the anatomy of saw blades will help you select the most correct and suitable saw blade for your machine.

Essentials of a good saw blade

Tips on choosing the right sliding miter saw blade

Tips on choosing the right sliding miter saw blade

  • Teeth

The number of teeth in a saw goes a long way to the quality and type of cut produced. A blade with many teeth is bound to produce smoother and cleaner cuts while a blade with few teeth tends to remove materials faster. A perfect example is the rip and crosscut blades. A rip blade usually has more teeth than a crosscut blade and is bound to yield smoother cuts. It is important to note that if you settle on a cross cut blade you will have to settle on one that is specially designed for a sliding miter saw as they have a tendency to self feed leaving the stock torn and rugged.

  • Tooth design

The configuration of saw blade teeth impacts a lot on how a cut appears. The shape and arrangement determines how best the blade cuts and work on the saw. Available teeth designs are the alternating beveled teeth, flat topped teeth, combined teeth, triple chip teeth and high alternate top bevel teeth.

  • Hook angle

Hook angle refers to whether the faces of the teeth are tipped forward or backward instead of being in line with the blade center. We have positive hook angled blades and negative hook angled blades. What is the difference? A saw blade with a positive hook angle will have its teeth tipped forward while a saw blade with a negative hook angled will have its teeth tipped backwards away from the rotation direction. Therefore, a blade with a negative hook angle inhibits the feed rate while a blade with a positive hook angle gives room for a faster feed rate. For a sliding miter saw a blade with a negative hook angle is more ideal because it can stop the blade from climbing the working material to prevent any accidental wood cut.

Adding to the above mentioned essentials, the quality of the teeth and the kerfs’ are also important elements of consideration when choosing the right saw blade. Remember the saw blade is the most important feature in the sliding miter saw. After all, no cutting will be done if the saw does not have a blade or a properly functioning one. It is therefore, important to select the miter saw blade that will deliver accurate an precise cutting ability for your effective woodworking task.

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How to use a sliding miter saw?

The sliding miter saw is a handy power tool when it comes to making accurate cuts on materials. It is the best cutting tool companion in cases where you need to cut a wide load of wood. A sliding miter saw is a saw designed with sliding feature, an extension rod that allow the forward and backward movement of the saw blade. This ability allows the cutting blade to be moved along the cutting pane, allowing you to cut quickly and to make longer cuts on materials longer than the cutting blade diameter.

Having a sliding miter saw is one thing but knowledge and ability to use the miter saw is a different ball game altogether. As much as many slide miter saws come with user manuals, some people just find it time wasting and boring having to rely on a long user manual when using tools like the sliding miter saw is concerned. In other cases, the availability of a user manual does not warrant a successful knowledge of how to use such a tool. You may require clear elaborations and sometimes practical sessions to be able to use it effectively. Below is a guide to successful use of a sliding miter saw.

How to use a sliding miter saw?

How to use a sliding miter saw?

  • First and foremost, you need to assemble everything you need for a cut. The sliding miter saw, a saw stand, a worktop, power and the material to be cut should be available. Put them in one place conducive for the cutting exercise.
  • Secondly, mount the saw on the saw stand and get comfortable. Here you will need to raise or lower the miter saw a few times to get a comfortable angle for cutting the work piece. It is important to get comfortable with the path the cutting blade takes as this will help you avoid accidents and other losses when you are in action.
  • Turn on the miter saw. This is actually common sense given that it is a power tool. Most tools come with power buttons where a user is required to press or push to either turn it on or off. Same thing applies to a sliding miter saw; after you have done the second step successfully turn your tool on and get it ready for action.
  • Next, you need to test the functionally of the miter saw. It is advisable to start with small pieces of material, although long enough to rest on the cutting saws’ bench. If you experience difficulties in working with small pieces, consider securing the piece with clamps. However, for those who feel confident enough, using small pieces can be foregone and instead work with sizeable materials. It all boils down to the type of work you have at hand.
  • Continue experimenting as you increase the width and depth of the wood until you are comfortable and confident enough to use the sliding miter saw without fear or challenges. In no time, you will able to work on any size of wood with the sliding miter saw.

Finally, as the saying goes practice makes perfect. Just like anything in life, the more you practice the better you will become. Professionals and those with experience using the sliding miter saw will not have any issues using this tool. But the new entrants into the business and those with no experience with a sliding miter saw would need to follow the above tips to help them minimize their learning curve. With time, you will surely get better and master the act of cutting any type of wood with a sliding miter saw.

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How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

Wisdom is a necessity in a situation where purchasing a tool that is meant to give accuracy and efficiency is involved. Are you wise enough to choose the best of the best sliding miter saws? Would you be able to single out a sliding miter saw that will make your cutting experience a great one? Do you really know what best suits your workshop needs? Well, just as King Solomon employed wisdom in giving the fairest judgment, you also need wisdom when choosing a tool that will guarantee value for money and efficiency.

Your ultimate thoughts when choosing a sliding miter saw should be based on more than one factor or feature. Given the versatility of sliding miter saws, questions such as how are you going to use the miter saw, how often, what you will be cutting and where you intend to use it should be properly answered. With all these questions you should be able to devise a plan that will be complimentary to your budget before embarking on sliding miter saw hunt. Consider the following factors when choosing a sliding miter saw.

How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

How to choose the best sliding miter saw?

  • Research brands

There are different and many sliding miter saw brands in the market. Certainly there is not one solitary brand in sliding miter saws that is similar to the other. This is the more reason why you must research different brands before choosing a sliding miter saw. It is obvious you will come across manufactures reviews that will clearly speak positives about the specific brands. Do not be swayed by one eye catchy and persuasive review, instead conduct a thorough extensive research of at least five brands before settling on one that will appropriately fit your specific needs. Some famous brands name as: Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosch, …

  • Consider the blade size

A blade is a key feature of any miter saw, and with sliding miter saws, there are various different blades. The blade is what determines the depth or height of cut. Miter saw blades ranges from 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. The size of the blade increase with the cost of the blade, however the blades size mostly depends on your needs/application base. If you intend to use the sliding miter saw to cut through large work pieces then it is advised you go for a bigger blade and vice versa for a small applications. It is however important to note that a medium sized blade is more sufficient as your work load may increase or decrease at some in point time.

·         Mitre

As the name suggests, a mitre saw is a saw which cuts mitres, or angled cuts. The saw is normally preset to adjust to various popular angles such as 45º for right angle joints. Some saws will only mitre to one side, most will mitre to the left or the right making it quicker to use.

  • Budget

    It is most likely that when choosing to buy any tool or product you have a budget limit in mind. Well, this is important but then again the value of most products is usually determined by their price. But caution should be taken here. Do not judge a sliding miter saw by its price. Instead, concentrate on its features and what you need the saw to do for you, because the most expensive products are not necessarily the best.

    ·         Slide

    Cutting on a sliding action allows you to cut pieces of wood with greater widths. As with blade size, check the specs of the saws you’re looking at (see below) to see the capacities of cut they will do for you. If you plan to be cutting mainly dado, you won’t need to slide too much and the capacity needed will be less.

    However, if you plan to be cutting fencing posts you’ll need a bigger blade and a bigger width of cut capacity and therefore a sliding mitre saw is for you.

    Saws without a slide function are sometimes referred to as chop saws or cut-off saws.

    ·         Assurance

    A good and trustworthy manufacturer will guarantee their customers of the validity and performance of their products. Choosing a sliding miter saw that has a good warranty is actually a self assuring move on your end. Most manufactures give a one year warranty for sliding saw miters. But it will even be better if you find those that give more than a year as warranty for their product.

    ·         Other features

    Many now come with lights which is handy when working in bad lighting conditions and some come with built in laser lines which will show a red line across the wood where the blade will cut, making it handy for lining up with your pencil line.

    Most saws will come with adjustable rear fencesextension arms and workpiece clamps. These are great for supporting your wood and keeping your hands free and out of the way of the blade.

    Recently, new mitre saws have been seen with a variable speed dial. This helps you set the speed of the motor which best suits the material you will be cutting.


All in all, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a sliding miter saw. You need to conduct some research and apply wisdom in combining these factors to come out with a suitable tool for your needs.

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How Can I Select The Most Ideal Miter Saw?

Sliding Miter Saws are powerful tools commonly used in carpentry work. It is a tool that many craftsmen cannot do without; hence it has to be a part of their everyday work life. They consider it a substantial inventory because they want the best of angles, crowns as well as curves on their woodwork. The moment they hit the market to look for one, they exercise all levels of care to get the right one. So what should you look out for when buying Sliding Miter saws?

How Can I Select The Most Ideal Miter Saw?

How Can I Select The Most Ideal Miter Saw?

Buying considerations to think about

Even the very experienced craftsmen sometimes face challenges when purchasing Sliding Miter Saws. However, the following are some if the elements you should be keen on before you make a final judgment of buying one: –

  • Cost.

There are different types of Miter Saws which explains why their prices tend to differ. However, identification of the one you need should be guided by your project apart from your budget. Don’t buy a very expensive one if you will only use it on an occasional basis and probably for very simple projects like building a pet house.

Nevertheless for the professional craftsman, consider one that ticks all the boxes when features are concerned. Perhaps your projects are complicated. Surely, those with strong design and several features are will be more expensive than those with limited features. The main thing is the purpose for which you are buying it. If you need a saw for occasional use, a simple effective sliding miter saw will work just fine. But as a professional who want to carry out high quality work to please your clients, you should overlook price and settle for the one with the most competent features even if it is more expensive.

  • Compliance and flexibility.

We are talking about adaptability that should come handy if you are working on different projects. Ensure you go for one that has attachments to help you customize its use. Of course, you may have to purchase the accessories separately if you go for a model with limited uses. But the problem here is buying the accessories separately might increase the overall cost of the miter saw. This is why it is better to purchase a sliding miter saw with custom features and accessories packaged with the saw.

  • Weight.

Portability of this tool is of the essence. However, if it will be a stationed tool, then there is nothing much to consider on its weight. Nevertheless, it has to be of light weight if you are anticipating using it for on-site work.

  • Guarantee.

It is one of the primary concerns you ought to be wary about when buying a Miter Saw. You cannot evade accidents when working with tools, however durable they are. The Saw may stop its functionalities once an accident happens, but with a buying guarantee, the accident or that broken part will be taken care of and you won’t need to worry about additional cost of repairs.

  • Functionality.

Will it be able to meet its intended functional purpose? What about other parts? Does the brand you want have the right features for your usage? There are blades, the motor and other moveable parts that you should pay more attention to. But the functionality of the product may be difficult to ascertain unless you make use of the product. In this case, one way of making sure you are buying a proper functioning product is to select a sliding miter saw from a trusted brand with high customer ratings.

With so many options available in the market, selecting the most ideal miter saw may not come easy. But with the above tips, the selection tasks can become easy. At the end of the day, all that you want is quality and perfection, and as the saying goes “Do not judge the book by its cover.” Don’t just go for any Miter Saw from any Company. Look for one whose products have a good reputation.

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Compound Miter Saw Versus Sliding Miter Saw

A compound miter saw is a miter saw with a combination of a preset motor blade on the pivoting arm. The term compound refers to the ability of adjusting the blade angle either vertically or horizontally to allow the user make compound angled cuts. Sliding miter saws on the hand, is an improved version of the compound miter saw and has additional features. One of the most notable features is the sliding mechanism that allows the motor blade to slide forwards and backwards during a cut, enabling the user to make longer and wider cuts than the diameter of the blade.

When it comes to the extent of width a miter saw can cut, the sliding miter saw has an advantage over the compound miter saw. The rail slides available in sliding miters give room for the blade to slide towards the backs and towards the front, which allows you to cut wider stock. Compound miter saws have a width limitation because they can only cut in one stroke based on the size of the saw blade. It is important to note that compound miters can make use of blades ranging from sizes between 8-15 inches with the most popular and available sizes being the 8-12 inches. For instance, a 10 inch compound miter saw has the ability to cut materials that are two inches thick and six inches wide while 12 inch sliding miter saw blade has the ability to cut almost 5 inches thick by 12½ wide. This means that the wider the blade on the compound miter saw the wider the cut it will be able to make.

Compound Miter Saw Versus Sliding Miter Saw

Compound Miter Saw Versus Sliding Miter Saw

Comparing the cutting height ability of the sliding miter saw and the compound miter saw, a sliding miter saw is quite disadvantaged. This is because the sliding feature present on the sliding miter saw causes hindrance and limitations to the saws cutting arc. Given that the compound miter does not possess this sliding feature, they allow for greater cutting arcs thus enabling the saw to cut thicker stock with the same saw blade. Compound miter saws are handy for use when making cuttings on tall materials for corner joints.

Narrowing to other factors like precision and accuracy, both compound miter saws and sliding miter saws give accurate and precise cuts. Sliding miter saws poses certain advantages as portability, ease of use and the fact that they are more convenient as they are able to maintain accuracy even when moved around. Comparing the two types of saws taking into considerations certain factors, it is known that the sliding miter saw is more effective and has more goof features than other types of saws. This explains why it is the favorite cutting tool for most professionals and those who have wood cutting experiences.

If you need to cut wider and longer pieces of work then the sliding miter saw is a great choice although it comes with an additional cost. Which I would say is worth it. For purposes of making angled square cuts, the compound miter saw would work best. In the long run, both miter saws will provide you with accurate and precise cuts regardless of the brand or model. All you need to do is find one that serves the purposes you want it which is compatible with the type of cuts you will be making using the miter saw. Most people who would rather go for a compound miter saw rather than its sliding miter counterpart do so because of the price of the latter. If money is not a constraint for you, sliding miter saw will definitely provide better cutting experience for you.

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