A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

Are you struggling to choose a suitable saw stand for your sliding miter saw? Well no more struggles as you are now here. This article will help you know and understand the different saw stands available today and how to pick one that best suits you. Before we even start looking at the different available saw types or categories of saw stands, you have to be able to answer the what, how and which questions that are likely to arise when looking to acquire a stand for your sliding miter saw. Like what do you need? Why do you need it? Which features or qualities are you looking for? What is your budget estimate? These questions should be your guide to choosing the most suitable stand for your saw.

Types of sliding miter saw stands

A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

A comprehensive guide to choosing a sliding miter saw stand

  • Homemade stands

This is what carpenters were using long before all these modern bought stands came into the picture. This does not necessarily mean that they have since ceased to be in use, some still use it presently. Going by the name homemade, they are a simple stand construction manually built by a user. It features two holding logs and a wider board across the logs which act as the work surface. This type of stand is usable with a main advantage of being cheaper than the others. It is however not portable as it is obviously heavy and hard to move around with.

  • Rail miter saw stand

This stand constitutes four legs that can be pulled from the main horizontal rail. It has clamped cross bars mounted to the rail. Some have padded feet which allows you to leave them on your slider and use it without the need of the stand. The advantage of this type of stand is that it is made very compact and portable. They have only the legs and rail and they have a slide out feature that enables you to use them when working on longer pieces.

  • Table top saw stand

Also like its name, it is a stand with a flat table top on which you should mount your sliding miter saw. It comes with the advantage of flexibility as it is not only able to support the sliding miter saw but other types of miter saws too. The main disadvantage of the table top stand is the inability to use the saw away from the stand since it requires you to bolt the saw to the table top.

  • The foldable wheeled stand

This is a stand that gives you the possibility to wheel it around to your convenience. You already realize how much portable it is than the other mentioned stands. It features a robust table with a wide foot on one end and double locked wheels on the other.

  • Compound stand

This one consists of a piece of wood usually mounted on the edge of the stand. This makes it easy and possible for you to firmly attach the saw to the clamp and also remove it with ease when necessary. With its light legs and foldable legs, it is also portable.

The above are the types of stands used in holding a sliding miter saw. You can’t say one is better than the other because they all have their benefits and disadvantages. All you have to consider is the cost, your convenience and how effective the stand will be able to hold your saw. Overall, the sliding miter saw is a great investment and it is important to select the most ideal stand to help you achieve great and effective cutting experience.

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